Animated Fixed LED Display

This is a fixed character display which will replace the Neon Sign Advertising Boards used fir Organization, Factory and Hotelís Name Boards. Why we giving the replacement for neon tube sign means, the character made by Ultra high bright LED which will give more bright than the neon signs.

This display can have animation designs like on/off, partially flicker, design glow etc by solid state switch instead of relays. Hence we can avoid spark and RF generations which will affect the other electronic system near by.


:: Maximum 25% to 35% of neon power is sufficient. Can save electricity bill.
:: Life time of LED is 15 times of neon sign board.
:: No limitations in ON time like in the neon sign, can run through out the clock.
:: Easy installation.
:: Low Cost.

Technical Specification :

Size of the character

Ĺ feet to 3.6 feet height

Color of the LED 

RED, Green, Blue, White and Amber


MS / Aluminum (rust free material)

Operating voltage

240V AC, 50Hz

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