Bag Counters

One of our Main products is Bag Counters. This counter can be used in any packaging industry like Food grains packaging industry, Chemical & Fertilizer manufacturers and Cement industry to count number of bags delivered from production unit. These counter displays can be placed in near Packer unit or near Loader unit. If the counter displays are placed at both Packer and Loader unit then number of damaged bags also can be detected.

This we have installed in Cement industry and interfaced with the networked computer(s) and reports have been generated.

The counters are well tested at our factory end and running with such huge dusty environment, the other industry can use this counter displays with more efficient. 100% error free counting can be achieved, and very particular human error can be totally avoided. By this the company can gain 10% of extra profit more than their usual.

Depends on the Industries work Nature the Types and Operations of the counter can vary.

                  Single Line counter

                        Double Line counter

Packer Counter
(Cement Industries)

Truck Loader
(Cement Industries)


Wagon Loader
(Cement Industries)


In general single line counter will have four or five digit display and used as Slave counter. This will be fixed at either at Packer point of the conveyor or at the loader point of the conveyor and displays only current counting value. By using Keying Unit/PC (Network) the set value can be given to Counters.


This counter has two lines, one for Set value and another one Current counting values. Hence this counter has two line with target and current value. By using Keying Unit/PC (Network) the set value can be given to Counters.

Stand Alone Counter:

Master Counter: One double line counter can be used for counting purpose. In that the first line is to set the Target value, and the second line is to display current values. This counter has Keying unit provision to set the Target, Object detecting sensor and Belt tripping potential free contact etc.

Master-Slave Counter: One double line counter along with one single line counter will makes Master-Slave Counter system. In that the first line to set the target value, and the second line for current values. This counter has Keying unit provision, Object detecting sensor and Belt tripping potential free contact etc. The single line display which is connected with the double line counter will act as a slave display of the system. This counter will reflect the actual current value at different places. The data communication between two counters will be RS485.

Network integrated system:

Network integrated system means, many counters located in different packer and Loader connected via RS485 with the computer, where our entire task will be carried out. The computer here it is called as Master Protocol Server(MPS). Totally three different functionality of software, which is used to perform the entire operations from the MPS, they are as follows,

:: Online monitoring.
:: Data Base Management.
:: Report generation for the whole system.

               Online Monitoring Package

This is the package where we can see entire counter Set as well as current values on a single computer window. Another beauty is that the person can monitor their counter values from any where in the world. 

Data Base Management:

This package is used to get the data from the counter once in millisecond and stores in the Memory. So Data accusation is done by this package

Report generation package:

This package is used to generate the report for various pattern, any specific parameter, daily, monthly, yearly wise etc.,

Counter Accessories

Keying unit


Object detector


This is connected with the Master counter, where we need to enter the specifications of the packaging item, Truck number, challan number, DC number, and about the material like Grade and Quantity.

This is connected either with the Master counter or Slave Counter, Which is placed at the starting point of the conveyor. When the bag comes near by the detector, the detector will give the output to the counter, so the counter will increment or decrement (depend on the application). The counter has the feature of Minimum and Maximum threshold method to count 100% correctly.

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