Fire Locating System

In general many factories, organizations, shopping complex should have the fire alarm system. If any fire accident happens, immediately that makes the siren ON. Then all the persons will come out and assemble in the safe assemble point. But they donít know where the fires occur. 

For that purpose we have a system along with display. Display is connected with the location finding system. This display will be placed at the site of safe assembly point. At normal situations we can run any welcome messages, announcement or any important circulars. But at the time of abnormal conditions, immediately the display will show the exact fire site. If fire happens at multiple places, all the site will be displayed in the scrolling message.


:: People can avoid panic and confusion about the fire location(s). 
:: Its multi purpose display can use message convey system in the factory.

Specification :

Operating voltage

90 to 270V AC 50 Hz

Number of analog input

Nos. Input (Optional)

Digital Input

Multiple of 8 Nos.

Fire detection voltage

3 to 8V DC


MS / Non Breakable Plastic

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Siren operation available

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