Forex Board

Forex Display Board is used in Currency exchange centers. In cities there are many Currency exchange center, if we have a survey about their business, In 100 enquiries only 10% is getting through in the counter, rest is just enquiry. So waste of time, discussion, man power etc. 

To avoid this kind of problem in the Currency exchange counter and increase the business, we have developed a display, which displays all the Countries buying and selling price for currency and Traveler Cheque. Using this display shop which has 4 counters, a single counter is enough to survive entire business. So shop owner can reduce number of employee, shop space and accommodation. If we go for this kind of display, a single display can answer the entire person at a time. Ultimately we gain more. 


:: It will avoid most of the Fake-Enquiries in the counter.
:: It saves time and man with extra counter and his salaries.
:: Easy to change the currency rate in fraction of second.
:: Can avail remote, system serial, or LAN for data updation.
:: Easy to install and less power consumption.

Specification :

Operating voltage

240V AC, 50Hz

Size of the seven segment number

1 inch

Color of the seven segment display

RED, Amber

Number of country in a single display

Multiples of 5 country

Number of column in a display

2 or 4 nos. ( Buying & Selling)

Data updating

Remote, RS232/.485. LAN


MS/ Aluminum / Steel

Country name 

In sticker / LED.

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