GPS Receiver

This is the unit called Global Position System. It has one receiver module along with antenna. For better result the antenna should face open sky.

GPS Receiver with RS485

Antenna 3Meter Length

GPS Receiver Module

Specification of GPS Receiver :

:: 20-channel GPS Receiver for fast acquisition and reacquisition
:: Support NMEA-0183 v2.2 data Protocol and SIRF Binary Code
:: Cold / warm / hot start: 42/38/1 sec(average).
:: Low power Consumption
:: Integrated ARM7TDMI CPU with software engineering services and available for embedded customer defined application.
:: Reacquisition Time 0.1 seconds.
:: Frequency 1575.42Mhz
:: Accuracy - open sky 10 meter, 2D RMS
:: Time 1 micro second synchronized to GPS time.
:: Antenna Length of 3 Meter.


We are using it for our product like Digital and analog Clock to maintain accurate and original time. This receiver receives the time data from Satellite and send to the Digital and analog clock. By this we can achieve single time in entire campus of organization.

We canít expect the Electricity power for 24 hour in a day. In that case, we can provide battery back up for certain duration. Consider, if the battery also drained means, definitely the Tower clock will get stopped. At the time of resume power the clock will start from the last position. Now any person has to go and correct the clock for exact time. Suppose if we install this GPS system with Tower clock, at the time of power resume, the last position can be corrected by auto correction method, by which we can avoid the human correction. Once if we install the Tower Clock with GPS receiver, then we can forget to tune the clock.

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