Moving Display

Outdoor Display

Indoor Display

This is display device mainly used for advertising the product, displaying offers on product and for many applications. 

Data updating method:

The Data can be updated by PC serial port RS232 / RS485 / Mobile - SMS. 

PC serial port RS232 / RS485: 

The display has to connect with computer serial port. Along with the display, we will provide software, using that software you can enter the message and send to the display internal memory. 


In this method, the display has SIM card provision; you have to insert a SIM card in the SIM holder. The message which we want to update in the display has to send as SMS to the particular display SIM card number. As soon as the SIM receives the message, the display shows the updated message. 

Technical Specification :

Dimensions of Display Board

As per Customer requirement

Color of LED

Red, Amber, White, Blue,Green, Tri Color and Multi Color

Type of LED

LED Block / LED Matrix


Multi Language

Illumination Intensity

Indoor Visible / Outdoor Visible


MS / Aluminum Enclosure

Power Supply Rating

240V AC, 50 Hz

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