Production Display

This is the Display mainly used in factories production line to increase the efficiency of production and to display time to time status of production done. According to the factories work nature the display parameters will vary.

The functional diagram below gives the structure of complete Production Display systems.

This display shows the Running Target, Input and for Output for each production line. All displays placed in each production line are connected with RS485 data bus which is intern connected with PC Serial port. System software communicates with all displays and updates the database. So from data base the report can be generated Shift wise, Date wise, Week wise and Yearly wise according to customer requirement.

This Production display will be used to count the input and out materials in Electronic, steel, leather, sheet metal and textile industries.

In that display, Number of field and character can be varied depends on the application of the material and type of work to be carried out on the raw material. This display can be updated automatically by placing sensor at various production stages and interfaced with system to generate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly report.


Can avoid loss of semi finished material in the production line.
Easy to follow up or to trace particular piece or goods in the production line.
Display shows Running target. So the productivity is increased.
Can achieve 100% efficient production.

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