Temperature & Humidity Monitor

This system is used in the locations where the temperature and humidity has to be maintained accurately.

Remote Terminal Unit ( RTU )

This RTU can be placed each zones with the sensor. It will read the Temperature and humidity data from the sensor unit at proper interval and stores. The stored data can be sending to the server unit on request.


Input Signal

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Supply Voltage 

12V, DC

LED indication 

Data transfer

Type of enclosure



Temperature and Humidity sensor


:: 2 sensors for relative humidity & temperature 
:: Precise dew point calculation possible 
:: Measurement range: 0-100% RH 
:: Absolute RH accuracy: +/- 3% RH (20-80% RH) 
:: Repeatability RH: +/- 0.1% RH 
:: Temp. accuracy: +/- 0.4C @ 25C 
:: Calibrated & digital output (2-wire interface) 
:: Fast response time < 8 seconds 
:: Low power consumption (typ. 30 W) 
:: High precision sensor 


System Software:

The system software which we will provide to you has following modules. 
:: Data Base Management
:: Reports
:: Threshold setting
:: E-Mail Alert
:: SMS Alert.
:: Remote monitoring - Client Software

System software will be installed in server PC to receive the data from various zones. Since the reading which is received from the various zones should be at same time. The protocol is designed and developed to assure that, same time data. But the received values will stored in the system and displayed on front screen at 4 sec interval.
The received data will be addressed and stored in the temporary database. The server PC has Display device (32 LCD Monitor) to display temperature cum Humidity at various zones from temporary database. At every one hour interval, the one hour data from temporary data base will be averaged and stored in the main data base. The remote user can be accessed main data base only.

User can set the minimum and maximum threshold limits for Temperature and Humidity. If the Temperature and Humidity beyond the limits, it will get highlighted on the screen by showing red color. At the same time, this software sends a mail to five email IDs & send SMS to five mobile numbers and the concern person can take immediate action on it. 


:: Data Centre in IT Sector.
:: Control Room in Substation.
:: In Textile Industries.

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