Tower Clock Controller

This is the controller device used to drives the Analog clocks where we can find, railway and bus station, public and private schools, colleges, university organizations, main signals and Garden (pillar clocks).

Front Panel

Back Panel

Analog Clock controller consist of three part of it operation. That is as follows,

:: Driver with controller. 
::Battery charging and discharging section with low voltage tripping.
::GPS with transceiver for Accurate time updation.

Driver with controller: 

In general clocks are running with different type of motors and gears. Here we are providing the driver for DC, Stepper and AC motor. If we go for Step motor, it has two drives like uni-polar or Bipolar drive. We offer both the drives. The controller gives the signal to the drives once in a second. Finally we get the needle movement on the clock in front face.

Battery charging and discharging section with low voltage tripping: 

We canít expect the controller will be powered at all 24 hours in a day. The power may fail for some times. In this case we have battery provision to give the supply to the controller. When main supply is present, the battery charging circuitry will provide the full and controlled voltage to the battery. When the main supply is failure, the charging circuitry act in reverse and discharge from the battery and gives the supply to the controller. If Battery is drained more than the safe voltage range of battery, battery gets isolated by tripping circuit.

GPS with Transceiver for Accurate time updation: 

This section is most important and plays major roll. Global Positioning System has an antenna which is facing towards open sky, GPS receiver is communicate with the satellite and gets the accurate time value. This time value is feed in to the controller for extracting the accurate time value from the whole received data. Once the original time value extracted, then the clock will run with that accurate time.

Hence our analog clock controller has all above feature; we could achieve 0.01msec accurate time through out the life time of clock. 

Our analog clock controller has a special feature that AUTO CORRECTION TECHNIQUE. What it does? If the clock has stopped for one or many days, our controller remembers the last stop position. When the power resumes form the last time, the controller finds the shortest distance to the current time and moves the needle accordingly. So no need of human beings to adjust the clock when power and battery backup fails to serve the controller. 

Depends on the application we can categories the analog clock controllers as follows,

Single side controller
Can find this type of clocks on the building with single face

Double side controller
Can find this type of clocks on railway platforms

Three side controller
Can find this type of clocks in the signal junctions.

Four side controller
Can find this type of clocks on the top of the building or any tower.

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